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Baldwin Express pays on PRACTICAL miles. Most

all others pay on shortest route miles. Make sure

you’re comparing apples to apples.

36 cpm practical is the same at 39 cpm shortest route 47 cpm practical is the same as 51 cpm shortest route

Plus all these extras

Layover pay Extra pick up/drop pay Detention pay Dedicated routes Direct Deposit Low premium on general health insurance Passenger rider program for anyone aged 10 and up. One cat or dog allowed on board 2700 - 3400 miles per week Toll cards for select states Pre-pass for scales 99% no-touch freight 50% drop & hook
Baldwin Express

Practical vs Shortest

Compare your miles

Add a penny per mile every 6 months until you reach our maximum of 40 cents per mile.

New driver

36 - 38 cents per mile (depending on experience)